The Best Dog Harness

The Best Dog Harness

Please don’t think we’re arrogant when we say that our harnesses are the best! We’ve spent years developing our pattern, testing it on lots of dogs, and are always finding new ways to further improve it. What we’ve created is the the most comfortable, sturdy, safe, and attractive dog harness in existence!

A) Our harnesses have a sleeker design that is less bulky than our competitors, giving your dog a full, comfortable range of movement. Her shoulders won’t be crowded and there won’t be any gaps due to a too-large arm/neck area. At first glance, our pattern may look similar to other harnesses, but take a longer look and you will see how custom-fitting they really are!

B) Most dog harnesses are made mostly, or entirely, of 1 layer of nylon mesh. Mesh is not a sturdy material, and can easily wear out or tear. We use 2 or more layers of material, usually cotton based, which can easily withstand your dogs full tugging force. A W.I.T.W. harness is made to last!

C) Length is an important consideration, as male dogs can accidentally urinate on a harness that is too long. We create harnesses for female dogs a bit longer so that they get the full “girly” effect. Harnesses for males are made shorter, so they stay clean!

D) Anyone who is owned by a small or medium dog knows that they can still exert large amounts of force, pulling you as you take walks. We include a clip around the neck as a safeguard, just in case your pupper gets excited and pulls so hard that the Velcro® around the neck is temporarily ripped open. We also use Velcro® brand fastner, since it is hands down the strongest velcro available. Even though most dogs are incapable of such feats of strength, these are safety features we are proud to offer.

E) The position of the D-ring (where you attach the leash) and how well you attach it is another often overlooked aspect of making a supreme dog harness. Some manufacturers attach the D-ring too high or too low, which can unevenly distribute the dogs weight and cause discomfort or possibly injury. Also, many low-end harnesses do not reinforce the D-ring area very well, which can cause the D-ring to rip right out. W.I.T.W. harnesses are made with great care, to place and reinforce the D-ring area properly.

F) Finally, we offer many fabric choices, giving you and your pooch the style you desire. We believe that function and form are equally necessary to create a quality product, so your dog won’t just feel good, but will look fantastic in her new harness, too!