Fun Stuff

  • Dachshund Rescue Links if you’re looking to adopt a Dachshund in the USA or Canada, our list of Dachshund Rescue organizations will help you out.
  • Link to W.I.T.W. cute and colorful web banners and buttons to add to your website.
  • NEW! Our Dachshund Gift Catalog is here! Find tons of adorable doxie collectibles and gifts on eBay through our fancy new store

Other sites with fun Dachshund stuff:

  • Weiner-o-Matic random Weiner Dog picture generator.
  • Dachsie’s Bulletin Board fun Dachshund message board.
  • Harry & Potter’s Dachshund Guide TONS of fun stuff like quizes, comics, songs, clipart and funny Dachshund pictures.
  • Dachshunds on Flikr Doxie pics submitted by users & updated daily.